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    please contact me knonna at about your wheelchair if it still available

    please contact me knonna at about your wheelchair if it still available
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    Used Permobil M300 Powerchair

    yes, Im not sure how to use private messaging, maybe email allowed here? knonna at
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    Re: Unused Permobil F5 Powerchair

    $45000 its intimidating price, I don't even know what offer to make :) Pick up from Miami for me not a problem...Can you contact me at [email protected]?
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    Used Permobil M300 Powerchair

    Thank you for all these advises. I will try to research as much as I can but unfortunately my friend with ALS in Russia and it's no way they can get all adjustments that needed :( Insurance over there is covering ONLY regular wheelchair not mobile one and Permobil would be > $10,000 that is not...
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    Used Permobil M300 Powerchair

    2 questions: 1. Are you open to ship it to florida (I pay for shipping) 2. If it needed for guy who is 6 feet tall, would it fit?
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    Adaptive nail clippers

    About bra - I was looking for my mom who got severe arthritis in hands and found in store Uniqlo dresses and tops with build in bra. Would that help?
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    Need help with Avap setting

    at the begining was IPAP 10, EPAP 4. I told him try 12
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    Need help with Avap setting

    Thank you so much. They are trying to find another doctor, but machines like this still rare in Russia
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    Need help with Avap setting

    I got best friend in Russia with ALS 60 years old guy and send him Respironics Legacy Series BIPAP last year (thank you for advise from forum). They had doctor who recommended setting. Everything was great. Than recently doctor change settings (increased) and quit the job. My friend realize in...
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    Looking to buy cough assist

    I got really great help here with where to get BPAP machine for my russian friend, he is able to sleep well with it through the night. Now I am looking for cough assist since ALS Help organization in Moscow don't have any available. Any advice appreciated where to get it cheaper Thank you
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    Looking to buy used Bipap S/T

    Thank u ! I already bought it and sent
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    Looking to buy used Bipap S/T

    Thank you so much! I have being asking their pulmonologist in Moscow advice what type to pick and they not really familiar with it, will probably have to settle with legacy since ST-A a little bit too expensive... Have to save money for other expenses that coming
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    Looking to buy used Bipap S/T

    My friend of 30+ years just got diagnosis of ALS. He lives in Russia and his breathing started to be affected. Doctor said he can use bibap S/T at night. Unfortunately waiting line to get this machine in Moscow long and new are too expensive. I was trying to find online used and cheaper and...
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