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  • Hello:) sorry about your diagnosis I too was diagnosed young at 29 if you ever want to chat I'd love that
    I just don't know what to do. They tell me I'm fine b/c of the EMG's but I know the kid who started the Ice Bucket Challenge - he had 5 EMG's before he was diagnosed. I'm trying to engaged this is all I think about. I was a D1 athlete so I know my body. I can't run and my legs either feel like jello or they feel like they weight a million pounds. My right arm feels like its hanging and my right hand is giving me trouble writing, typing, and all other miniscule tasks. Sorry to bother you man, I can't even imagine - just trying to gain your knowledge. Every time I try to smile and say I'm fine, I either twitch all over my body or have to clear my throat. Talking is hard too - sucks man. My prayers are with you - if you wanna respond that's awesome and if you don't I understand. Good luck with your treatment!!! Go Noles!!!
    no, I play a lot of golf and was when i first noticed. One day i could lift my putter just fine, then the next i could not. There isnt any real feel to it, you just cant do things muscle dont work. i never felt weak.
    So sorry for your diagnosis. I've been following your stuff for awhile and I so far have been cleared. I just wanted to ask you if you didn't mind...did you ever feel like your right arm was hanging? Like it's just hanging there? I can still tie my buttons on my shirt - can you? My right hand is so weak but they have no answers for me.
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