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  • sleeping better, the dr i saw in feb is trying to figure me out for real, that's a blessing. diagnosis soon i hope so i know what i am facing.
    thanks for asking! we're all in this together. i've learned a lot here. crummy place to be but nice friends.
    welcome to nj, attitude to spare, but very kind anyway, awakened a few time a night , by brain sensing co2 in small amount, wake up clear out, then sleep some more..... we are fearfully and wonderfully made to have an inner alarm system, if that one doesn't ring in time, the ventolator set on 100 alarm goes off, or the cat one time nudged me and smelled my breath and nudged some more, to wake me, smart cat , and sometimes i set my alarm for 1 hour when drowsey, i always wake up before that alarm, so 4 alarm nj looking forward to problem free night sleep, pray for me please, thank you. nj breathles, my friends call me mary
    The early bird report, i have slept with vent off and on tonight, that's cool getting used to it, grand total sleep albeit broken sleep,5 hours and 15 minutes , so far the most sleep so far, a new record .

    good morning~ nj
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