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  • hi nishant,
    i m from india (maharashtra). i m feeling symptoms of mnd? please read my thread symptom progression & advise me about it.
    Are your wife and baby with you? How are you doing? sending you Prairie hugs this morning across the ocean!
    Hi Nishant,

    Hope you are doing well. I am really sorry for replying so late. For some reason I didn't see your private message. We started Dr. Vijaykar's treatment in May-June, 2009 and we are continuing it. It seems to be stable but I cannot say for sure yet. But my mother's diet has improved since then and I am happy about that.

    Are you still in Mumbai. Did you meet him ? You can find out more about Dr. Vijaykar if you want before trying his medication.

    I have a question for you, Nishant. You were about my age when you were diagnosed. What were your first symptoms? How long did these go on until you were diagnosed?
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