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  • Hi,nikolab. I found your message posted on this forum : women from Russia are diagnosed with ALS gave birth to a a healthy boy (3.4 kg/52cm).
    So I want to make more information about this woman
    I AM maneuverable, ride tricycle, go in walking with a rollator.
    I live in a small town located 25km from Belgrade.
    My sister lives in Canada - Windsor.
    Like the trike! Do you still use it? The plane pics are beautiful. I'm now kicking myself - my husband traveled many times to Belgrade (consulting at a private hospital there) - I never once went with him. One day I hope to get there. The closest I got was to Croatia (Split & Dubrovnik)& Montenegro in May. So near and yet so far... It was lovely.
    Rozumiem trochu, je mi ľúto vášho manžela. V jeho prípade urýchleného ALS jeden a pol roka ochrnutých?!
    Srdacan pozdrav !
    Rozumeli by Ste keby som pisala po slovensky?

    Chcem sa Vam podakovat, informacia o cenach riluteku v Srbsku nam usetrila vela penazi. Moj manzel bojuje s ALS jeden a pol roka. Telo uz ma uplne paralyzovane. Teraz skusame head tracking mouse, ale ide to tazko. Tiez bol letecky modelar :) .
    I do not believe in the veracity of his story. ALS has a code ..................... my code is G12, 2!
    I was reading MTHAPA and not sure if he is asking for donation or what he is doing. When you follow his post to others, he ask for their personal story. Not sure of his agenda
    You are the best! ;) Thank you for helping the person afraid they have ALS. Hugs to you!
    Hi Nikolab, not sure what you were asking, but many posts don't get through the moderators until much later... it is amazing news, isn't it? I've read 2 different articles about it, so it sounds legitimate.
    No I do not know why this was not is the most amazing treatment to come out in ages...and it is very legit....
    Welcome to the family here. So sorry you have this also, but together we will get through this. {{HUGS}}
    Hello Nikolab....WELCOME.......this is Sharon here on the forum as Sequoia...Email me a [email protected] (middle initial is L)

    I will help you get involved with ALS-Treat Us Now....Do you understand English....I could use google translator if you want?
    Again welcome! and thanks for asking to help
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