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  • Nick, I deleted your post on Noey's thread. It's very important that person's with no experience stay in their own thread.
    I am worried I have ALS. I started out about 3 months ago with a dull ache pain on my left elbow, neck, tightness back of my knee. I have had an MRI, multiple blood test, Lyme test, been sent to a chiropractor. And still no diagnoses. My left thigh keeps twitching which I've been told is BFS by my doctor. Recently. I get a tingly feeling only in the back of my head and my arms both go numb and feel like they are falling asleep. I'm 18 years old and very fit. I lift weights constantly up until I started feeling this way. I get cold feelings inside of my skin and back of head and then I feel like I lose feeling in my arms and I feel like it's spreading to my legs. I have a stretching feeling on my left arm when I straighten it. I do have a neuro on Monday. Finally. Any replies are appreciated.
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