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  • Hi, NEDM. You've just posted a message to yourself.
    I suggest starting a new thread in the Do I Have ALS subforum.
    Hi, I have been really worried about ALS for the past month. My uncle passed away this year aged 77 of MND. He was a footballer and had served in the forces which I am told is a common trait. As far as I am aware there have been no other family members affected. I have been experiencing whole body muscle twitching and vibration feelings for some time now and have visited the GP numerous times. They have carried out strength and reflux tests including the Babinski foot test and all were perfect. I am increasingly worried today because my left thigh has a long 'dent' and is showing a bone line far more than my right thigh. Measurements are the same it is more the shape. I have been diagnosed with a health anxiety (prior to ALS concerns) and I am taking tablets and awaiting counselling but I want to grasp some opinions on whether you think my leg sounds suspicious? The whole body twitching is increasing but it is all over and not localised.
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