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  • Hello Nebrhahe53, I was reading a response to a post you gave in the fall of last year. I have had some concerns that I am working with a Neuro at Mayo in AZ. While I had had left side limb EMG a few weeks ago, plus a brain MRI, all were clear. I still twitch, but now much more so in the bulbar region. No tongue issues. My wife has noticed as have I, that over the past few months, my neck is weaker and weaker. No pain, other then what is a result of fatigue I am guessing. I am not knowingly always holding up my head or resting it. This problem is not getting better. My questions is, when you were presented with neck drop, was there a phase of weakness first over a period of time, or neck drop out of no where? I am going back to my Neuro on Thursday and wanted to get any insight from you on your experience. I thinking I have had neck weakness longer then I know. This site is really an amazing thing to see all the PALS efforts to help people know the facts better!
    Hi Neil,
    I am sorry to hear that your test results weren't good. But, please whatever you do don't listen to anything that Captain Planet says. He is trouble from the word go! He truly scares me.
    We are all here for you Neil and care ! Hugs, Kim
    Happy Birthday to you......... Happy Birthday to you........ Cha Cha Cha. Hope you have a great day Neil! Kim (Skipper)
    Aussies + beer = stupidly wild stories that even other aussies don't believe, yet for some reason make them say "oh blimey mate, amazing, tell us more ... "
    Actually there was this great sign I didn't manage to photograph up in Darwin that said "most australian male stories have their origin in "can you hold me beer mate, here watch this ..."
    Still, thanks for sharing with me for a giggle I'd managed not to hear that one :) Tillie
    Just stopped by to say Hi and that I'm thinking of you. Take care because we care about you ! Kim
    Just wanted to know again that I'm thinking of you. I am praying for strength for you in all this. I hope it is at least a little bit of comfort to you to know that others do care. Hugs, Kim
    Welcome fellow Texan. I attend clinic in Dallas, I was diagnosed in September of last year. I have involvement in all areas. This is a great place to come and spend time. Search back through old posts, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Feel free to look at my user info and my I blog.

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