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  • Yes. I'm on Facebook. Liz Jennings-Jones in Centerville, Georgia. Friend me. I'm not discussing the stem cell surgery publicly, but message me.
    Hi NC Girl! I too am in line for the stem cell surgery at Emory. I have Bulbar Onset - dx at Emory in October 2010. I am tentatively scheduled for March. If you'd like a friend to share experiences with, email me at. [email protected] (((hugs)))
    Well, I can't PM you so, it's the law that we have to wait 5 months and Medicare will start when you receive your first payment.
    Hi Donna! It may be less than 6 months. I'm just guessing. They will also give make up pay for the time since your last day of work from what I was told.
    Here is note sent to the latest 3 PALS to sign on. Please read and click the link to know more.
    Hi Folks:
    Welcome to Pilot-1.
    Please take 30 minutes + to read the trail of email, contained in the link below. Please also explore the links in the several messages that you will be reading on that page..
    Please respond to the request in the messages.

    Please confirm your continued interest by late Tuesday.

    Thank you.

    Here is the link to summarized information....

    [email protected]

    Lisam35068 @


    Sorry about the fall. I am glad though to hear that overall you are doing well, especially with your breathing! Jane is very sweet, honestly they all are! :)
    I am doing well, probably better then I deserve! :)
    I love the Clinic at Emory. Everyone there is great. The staff is supportive and super friendly and the Nurse Director Nicole Yarab is absolutely amazing and very sweet and caring. I do not think you will be disappointed and if the drive is shorter I would say it is a no brainer!

    I hope that overall you are doing as well as possible my friend!
    I put that in motion as of Dec. 31. I'll let you know how it goes. I should be receiving benefits in probably June I'd guess. Keeping fingers crossed! Keep me posted about your trial you lucky thing you! I'll keep you in my heart, k? Hey, what's your real name if you don't mind telling me? You can PM me if you want.
    Love to you! Marta
    Oooooo...sorry about your butt Babe! I fell last month and caught the corner of the coffee table worth my butt and it was badly bruised for awhile too! We must be careful! I get too over confident and end yo on the floor often. It' good I'm so short and don't have very far to fall, eh? ;) I wish we had some trials here in CO. Keep me posted, k?

    Oh, I retired as of 12/01/11 so no, I'm not working. I couldn't go through another tax season.

    Hugs to ya!
    Thanks Michelle! Happy New Year and I do hope and pray for all that a cure is found!
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