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  • *vrrrooooooooommmmmm.... squeeeeal* It's a drive-by hugging! BIG HUGS!! Hope you are feeling great today!! *vvrrroooooooooommmmm*
    ~ Sarah :D
    Thanks :) I think that what you said in your original post is true - obviously God has a reason and a plan for you. One of the other members on the forum said that the doctors at his hospital are specifically testing his blood in conjunction with ALS research, so I like to think that for each person who has to suffer through it, there is the possibility that they make some progress toward finding a cure.

    I had my EMG two days ago and it was normal, so it appears I'm okay for the time being. I twitch basically everywhere and quite often, but I tell myself not to worry about that.

    Again, I really admire your bravery and your spirit, please don't ever lose those things :)
    Hi there - I decided to browse your profile after you replied to a thread of mine. You're the same age as I am - 34. Don't you love it when a doctor's only reason for saying you can't have ALS is because you're too young? I just wanted to say that you and your family are beautiful - I've looked at your photos, and you're so brave. I've been going out of my mind with ALS worry for the last few months. I hope that's all it ends up being...
    I had stomach issues for one year efore my neuro symptoms started my hubby thinks one has nothing to do with the other but I think there is an immune inflamation response that happened with me
    omg i have sibo similar to the inflamation you have and the moment I started meds for it my als reared its ugly head that is what I think caused my disease to
    Ah, I had it wrong but retried with the correct e-mail address. Sheesh! This is like pulling teeth! :)
    I'll have to look for you when I get home. I'm not finding you yet from my iPad Sweets. Fooie!
    They don't say not to talk about it. I just don't want to go public about it. Mostly because they can decide not to do it right io to the day of the surgery. I, of course, have discussed it with family and friends, but just don't feel comfortable announcing it on Facebook. What is your FB name? I've friended a lot of people lately.
    Yes, PM means Private Message and I think you can start PMing after a certain number of posts I think. Maybe you don't have enough activity yet Toots. I'll try it again to see. :)
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