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    Hello All, Enjoying social distancing w/ my new roommate Victoria. I’ve moved from rehab to the long term care hall in the facility I came to from the hospital Tri after I fell, again 🤦‍♀️ We’re only 3’ apart...but the place is on lockdown for for the second week. We both are almostShe has...
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    Lost ‘Spasticity? Or Tone?’ Overnight

    Hello, Yes I did live alone & my 3 kids came in alternately to help with bathing, laundry, cleaning etc. It got to be that I needed 24hr care. They have jobs/families lives of there own to live. I was approved for long term care thru Medicaid so here I am, close to all of them. They visit 2/3...
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    Lost ‘Spasticity? Or Tone?’ Overnight

    iThank you all for your insight & support.. it means so much to me!! My kids are just getting used to the whole diagnosis. The rapid decline is overwhelming them. I’ve had CT & been cleared of any head injury. I’ve still got some extra padding in mid section, so just soft tissue bruising...
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    Lost ‘Spasticity? Or Tone?’ Overnight

    Hello all, I’ve been in rehab for the second tIme, for another fall. Nothing broken.. but I’m not able to go home anymore. Could be worse! I’ve lost a lot oF both upper arm & hand function in last month. I woke this morning & went to PT..went to stand in the bars & my normally tight...
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    In Hospital, What An Experience...

    I fell last Saturday and injured my R hip & low back. Thank God nothing is broken, just soft tissue damage. The whole experience of being in the hospital as a PALS is soo different than before! It’s amazing how many healthcare professionals do not know about or how to care for ALS patients...
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    Hello All, Still pushing ahead... I’m progressing more rapidly than anyone expected. Just 2 mos into diagnosis & I've lost my ability to use my walker except for transfers, bathe or feed myself & my voice/speech is greatly diminished. I’m getting a PWC in a couple of weeks. My kids were starting...
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    Suggestions for healing retreat centers?

    There are several here in Arizona. Miraval in Tucson is probably the best. They have a lot of activities, classes, spa treatments & amazing food. You can choose what you want & don't want to do. It’s definitely warm here most of the year! 😁
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    Convinced This is ALS

    Dear Sir.. I am 55 y/o, been sick with a variety of of autoimmune issues since 19.. but had a successful career/active life until after at a post surgery PT eval she noticed weakness on the non surgical side & inquired about it. I’d been having difficulty for 2+ yrs with lifting a leg/tripping &...
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    New Years 2020...

    Well it’s the New Year for some, east coast US is just about there & the rest of us are soon to follow. However our year ended, I hope we find moments of peace, kindness & love with family/friends as we enter another year together. Thank you all for your support/friendship as I began this...
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    Merry Christmas and more...

    Wishing everyone joy, comfort & peace with family & friends this holiday season as we all enter the New Year together!! ❤️ Nancy
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    Gceballos2, I’m so sorry that happened to you tonight. It’s so damn scary!! I’m glad you’re ok & hope you stop hurting soon. And yes.. in any stage, this disease sucks! Wishing you & yours a peaceful Holiday!
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    New, in Rhode Island

    Hi Elizabeth, Welcome..I’m about a month into my diagnosis. You’ll find amazing people here!! They’ve all been so kind, supportive & helpful. I couldn’t have made it those first days without them. We’re here for you!
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    Lost my Sharon.....😪

    Dennis, Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss of Sharon. Hoping you find comfort & support in family /friends. Nancy
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    My Wife Kathy is gone

    Roger, I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. Praying for comfort & peace... We’re here for you.
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    81-year old from Oregon

    Hello, I'm sorry about your diagnosis & fall. I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago too. The people in this forum have been so welcoming & supportive, they have helped thru rough first days. They understand all that PALS, CALS, & family are & will be going thru. Everyone has great and different...