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  • Lisa, you posted back in October saying you had an upcoming appointment with a neurologist. If you open a new thread and give some details, more people will see your concerns. That’s not a guarantee we will be able to answer all your questions, but you have a better chance of more people seeing it and responding to you.
    My name is lisa .im seeing my second neurologist..I have had 2 nerve conduction tests, 2 of those muscle tests, blood work, 2 mri and CT scan I have hyperreflexia, atrophy of tongue, slurred speech and tongue fasiculations..also crampy legs at night with twitches..has anyone heard of going on 18 months and still no diagnosis?
    Hi..I do finally have mri scheduled for my back..my back doesn't hurt but whatever..my question is do most people stop working right away? I am a mail carrier and job is physical answer also need to drive..if I get diagnosed what do I do?? I know I'm jumping the gun but need to b prepared..thank u
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