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  • I just read about your sister passing. I am so sorry for your loss. You took wonderful care of her for as long as you could and loved her. Hope wondeful memories of better times help you to heal. Sending you a hug, Kim
    Don't you feel the least bit guilty about anything with your sister. You have been wonderful in doing everything you could possibly do for her. Your family has absolutely no right whatsoever to be mad at you. Do what you need to do for your own health now. Don't let your family bring your down. Just ignore it as much as possible. See your sister when you can and let her know you love her. Sending you a hug. Kim
    just wanted to update everyone - I am giving up care of my sister and won't be her caregiver anymore. Trying to cope with my clinical depression and take care of her is more than I can handle. I have faced a lot of animosity from my family. Some of them are calling the state and making up false charges. All of this is because nobody really wants to care for her and they are angry at me because I cannot. She will be going back to live with her daughter who took care of her for 9 years before I did. Things are so crazy right now. I haven't seen or talked to my sister since I admitted her to respite. My family is angry because they wanted me to continue keeping her and I couldn't. I feel like if I just take how they are acting it will soon be over and she will be settled. I know her daughter will let me visit but while all the siblings are involved and until she gets settled its pointless.
    Thinking of you and your sister. How are things going for you? My dad is coming home a few days after Christmas to stay at his home for at least awhile. I miss him so much since I haven't seen him since Labor day. He is do so-so. Not the best but definitely could be doing a whole lot worse. His biggest problem now is that his arms are getting weaker and he has lots the use of several of his fingers on both hands. Take care my friend, Kim
    We seem to have mellowed out and are just dealing with mucus right now. We have had 2 mucus plug situations that we were able to clear with suction and we are trying to fight that but otherwise she is maintaining. Her attitute is fierce tho, and something to be recond with. I told her she needed to compromise for the sake of her caregivers and not be so demanding and that I don't have to do everything she wants. She finds that hard to accept. I can understand that because she feels like she is living through me and I am here to carry out her wishes but I told her I am entitled to say no.
    hey sis, thinking of you both and sending u both big hugs. had a weekend with my sis and made me realize again how precious she is to me. mary pat
    Thanks kim. I have truely been trying to get rest, but it seems the hardest thing to do. My blood pressure is so out of wack. My sis is doing ok right now. I guess its better than where she was last time I was in the forums.
    Thinking of you! You are in my prayers. Hope you are getting some rest and taking care of yourself. Our youngest son just got back from visiting my dad in Dallas. Dad isn't able to do things like he used to but his progression seems to currently at a standstill. We are praying it stays that way. Take care, Kim
    Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm so glad that you're there for your sis. You are both in my daily thoughts and prayers. Hope you're getting a bit of rest.
    Sis, loved your pictures. i know this is hard but you are doing such a beautiful thing. we r with u in spirit.
    Thinking of you. You and your sister need to quit pulling all nighters and get yourselfs some sleep. Stay strong! Kim
    I am so sorry to hear about your sister...i know all too well what it's like to have someone we love, have ALS. You are doing a wonderful thing. God bless you for it.
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