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  • Washingtonians, if you, friends or fam find yourselves in/near DT Seattle, please come grab some stuff out of our apt. I would rather it go to a PALS than to Goodwill (which I totally respect; our son used to work there). lmgelb at gmail
    Another option is that our niece goes to Western but comes back here for hols and such -- if you are interested in a care package, let me know.
    Hi from Richard - how are your husband and you doing? My fiancé & I had dinner at Applebee's a couple of nights ago and since it was so close to Good Will I wondered to her about you guys. By the way she keeps up on all the research better than I do. Anyway, I'm still in my constantly weakening state but I'm not giving up. Hope you two are doing the same.
    I've been wondering how your husband is doing (And you as well). My fiancé & I had dinner at Applebee's the other night and since that is near Goodwill you & your husband were on my mind. Give him my regards. You take care of yourself! Regards Richard
    Hi Myownself,

    No, I'm not a musician - the closest thing to that is that I used to have my own "Oldies" show on 92.9 KISM from 1981-89. I retired from the B'ham Herald in 2006. If you ever wish to talk directly my phone number is in the local phone book under my name - Richard Otis (Michigan St). By the way, I'm actually engaged to a wonderful Mt. Vernon lady who is fully supportive of me and does more research into my care than I do while working full time!
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