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  • I took the photo then saved it bit decreased the resolution. Go to User CP. Top left of the blue bar. Go to edit Avatar , then it gives you the oportunity to save an image or download a picture. I change mine all the time, in fact I am due for a change .
    We Are Not A Machine

    We are the caregivers, but wait, there is more.
    So please, hear us out before closing the door.
    No we're not perfect, but we're doing our best.
    We just want to get some things off our chests.
    When was the last time you tried to come by,
    Or the last time you called, if only to say hi?
    Do you really realize just what we do here?
    And just how often we are driven to tears?
    Our loved ones and we are in worlds far apart,
    And their verbal abuse can tear at the heart.
    Their physical care can at times be a pain.
    And the emotional struggle can be quite a drain.
    What is it exactly, we are trying to say?
    What would it take to really brighten our day?
    A card in the mail, "I'm thinking of you."
    Or a phone call to ask, "Hey! What can I do?"
    Even better, a visit from family and friends,
    To laugh, to talk, and smile once again.
    We must be honest, we don't want to demean.
    But please understand, we are not a machine.--Poem I love, by Jerry Hamm a administrative invite: "New Member (Say Hi)": So, hi everyone. I love writing, but something is holding me back for the time being. Quite frankly, I'm afraid smoke will begin rising outta my keyboard or my monitor will explode due to an outpouring from my ALS experience. I was a caregiver to my fiance for the last year, who has a rapid progressive form of ALS. Diagnosed Dec. 2010. Chose to stay with him and help him no matter what it took. Prior to the diagnosis I had a hellish year and needed some internal healing. Now he needed physical healing. My mental decision to move out of his house (lived together 7 years) due to dysfunctional character traits not tolerated by moi, staying with him was a gamble. But, it was the right thing to do. It became a nightmare. Perhaps I'll blog about it once emotionally able. ----murphy
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