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  • Hey Janice I'm about an hour south west of Huntsville, have you ever heard of smith lake? Well I live on the lake in Winston County
    Hi, Sorry for your loss. I'm sure you are still hurting but hopefully beginning the healing process. Dean and I moved to Montgomery last Sept. so we are no longer in Fairhope. I'll continue to make Montgomery my home. I'm not sure where you live. What larger city are you close to? I am about a hour and a half from B'ham. Go there to shop but not often. Janice
    Its been four months ago today that my beloved husband of almost 33 years lost his battle to ALS, I know he didnt go through what most patients do for some reason he only lost weight and his muscles were twitching and he couldn't breath, doctors said it was rare but the ALS affected his breathing first so he went pretty fast, I just wish we would have had more time to prepare but I guess no matter what you are never prepared, I pray and pray that someday soon their will be a cure, God Bless you all
    It's hard... :( We were together just 3yrs and 7mnths and it hurts so much, you must be feeling what I feel magnified many times after a lifetime together..I don't know what else to say..I light a candle for him every day and am grateful for his freedom from this foul disease..
    Life does go on of a fashion and it is dragging me along with it..Take your time to grieve and be gentle with yourself..do you have family and friends around you? It is one month today since my hubby passed and I'm trying hard to replace the memories of the last few months with earlier pictures of fun times we shared, however brief..night-time is the worst time...if you want to chat, I'm here...
    Be gentle with yourself..
    Thinking of you, Mair x
    I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding! OMG, I am sorry you had to join us!
    I became a new member on Sept. 13, 2012, well my husbands battle with ALS was short lived, we found out on the 13th of sept and he passed away on the 18th of sept. That damn ALS affected his lungs first instead of last,
    We are all here for you. Sorry, for your need to be on this forum. But, the people on here are great and have good advice to give. My dad was just diagnosed this past May so I am still new to this. But, Joni and Brooksea have been through it and would love to help you I'm sure in anyway possible. You will be in my prayers. Kim
    I will have to check and see how far away that is.You need to get in touch with Lynn Sanderson. She is over Ala Als in Montgomery. She can help you or give you advice, make sure you register too Als.
    Welcome to the site. I'm so very sorry you have to be here. Joni51 and ruthiep are cALS in AL, in case you would like to reach out to them. I am GA and my parents are from AL. I will be happy to help you with what ever I can. Hang tough.
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