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  • Hi MupstateNY! Thanks for getting back to me. I hope you get this message. The ALS Clinic at Columbia Med NYC has gotten back to us. Appointment 2/13. This is 2 hours from us, but they seem the best group to work with. There is a lack of ALS info in my area: neurologists or primary docs. Best of luck to you with Synapticure, they look like an awesome program, but they don't take her insurance. :(
    Do you think she might qualify for financial assistance?

    Right now Synapticure does not participate with ANY ins. in NY, but they're working on that.

    I hope you guys have a good experience at Columbia.
    PALS definitely qualifies for financial assistance. We are working on Temp Disability now, then SSDI. Another person is handling that. I'm the medical person. Right now is covid #2 after the paxlovid. So besides digesting the diagnosis, she's suffering from covid. And a b-day tomorrow. Life is rough. I'm hoping she will see some light through all of this. Prayers. thanks.
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