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  • Yes, true AA does cause severe pain but I'm not sure what stage of the disease you are at. I e mailed my friend in France, when she gets back to me about the support group I will pass it along. She is very knowledgeable in AA but very sick due to it. I will see if she knows of someone else who might be able to help.
    I know all these neurological problems are scary, I am scared too, but sometimes it takes a long time for the doctors to figure it out. Easier said, I know, but try to hang in there.
    The people here are really trying to help you. I'll be in touch.....
    I have some friends who have Arachnoiditis too. Two of them got it from and ESI gone bad, Some after surgery.
    These people have some of the same symptoms as you, I am not saying all of your symptoms are from the AA. There is a support group for AA that has many knowledgeable people in it.
    There is also a doctor in Germany, Dr Warnke, who is working with AA and having some success.
    hope you find some answers for your health issues.
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