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    hospice thinks I'm getting better!

    Sweet, I always enjoy getting the when are you going to get better question
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    Xfinity Web Based Accessible Remote

    For the web remote; cut the text below and paste it into your web browser's address bar.
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    Xfinity Web Based Accessible Remote

    Xfinity Web Based Accessible Remote I saw a segment for this on the local news. I can now control the channels I watch on TV again with this web-based interface. On the news segment they were demonstrating the webpage with eye gaze. It works great with Dragon NaturallySpeaking as well. It runs...
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    Hawkeye Access – Eye Control For IOS Device

    Ran across this app this morning. I have an older iPhone but may consider upgrading for this app if it works well. Matt
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    Wheelchair carrier

    What about putting the wheelchair in the pickup truck bed by using a ramp? Google: Pickup truck motorcycle ramp Matt
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    trouble with bowels, what else is new!

    I try to get a minimum of 60 ounces of non-caffeinated liquid a day. Normally I have one 17 ounce Gatorade, 2 x 17 ounce waters and 1 12 ounce beer. I also eat pineapple in the morning which currently helps my system moving and keeps me regular. Matt
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    Legal signature stamp

    For a while after I was no longer able to write, for electronic PDF files, I scanned my signature and would cut and paste it where it needed to go. We have a Power Of Attorney (medical and legal) so my wife signs everything where my signature is required. Matt
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    cough assist plus vest really helping

    I also use the vest and cough assist regularly. I use the cough assist when I wake up in the morning. Before lunch I use the vest and the nebulizer simultaneously followed by the cough assist. My wife came up with a great idea. We put all the machines on a rolling cart. We roll out the cart to...
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    Managing frequent nightime urination, esp. with BPH

    I wear a condom catheter tubed to a leg bag. I normally don't need to go overnight but when I do, I have no worries and go into the leg bag. You could also connect the tube to a bed bag or let the tube drain into a jug for larger volumes. We tried a couple different types of external catheters...
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    wheelchair hack?

    I found this Omni brochure and manual on the Internet this morning. Matt
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    wheelchair hack?

    What type of switch is proposed? The Omni, at least the one I am familiar with is more of a controller that is an interface between controls and the wheelchair. The Omni does have a mode button and arrow buttons, but they are normal buttons and I would not consider them super sensitive. My Omni...
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    Woke Up - Air Hunger

    Thanks for sharing your experience
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    Any tips for transferring to toilet?

    We were not able to fit a hoyer lift in our bathroom. When I was no longer able to get up (with assistance) and shuffle down the hall, we used a sit to stand machine to get off the toilet and transfer to where I needed to go. I eventually needed to get a ceiling lift when my legs and back got...
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    rilutek/riluzole supply chain

    I got my last refill at the end of December at a local pharmacy here in the western suburbs of Chicago. I will find out soon if it is available in my area. Matt
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    Dental hygiene

    This is a great question. I am fortunate that I can still have someone brush my teeth or I can swish around mouthwash. As Nikki mentioned, my first thought was the dissolvable strips you put on the top of your tongue. Maybe just let a regular breath mint dissolve, although this may cause too...