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  • Mthapa,

    I've not been on the forum much of late. I will take time soon to read your posts. Welcome to the forum.
    Mthapa, I know you are desperate for answers, and you must be doing a lot of reading on the forum. You left a message on another deceased member's visitor message page. Abbas child passed away last December. She was a wonderful, knowledgeable woman and would have been able to give you some answers or at least encouragement. You might consider reading a little further on the visitor pages and you would be able to know if a person is still with us.
    Mthapa, I just saw that you posted a question to Al, which, unfortunately he won't be able to answer, as he passed away in the spring of this year...
    Mthapa, it is possible you have been misdiagnosed. There are plenty of neurological illnesses, not fully understood yet. I also know of neurologists that specialize in mind mimics. At the end of the day, we can just live each day as its presented to us. Whether your doctors are correct in the diagnosis or you have something undiagnosed......you have what you have. You clearly have a great attitude and it's a pleasure to meet you.
    Good to meet you mthapa, sorry that you find yourself on the forum, whether you're already diagnosed, or looking for answers.
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