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  • Thanks Ms. Pie... i do hope so. Maybe the s1 root irritation bilateral they found on emg is causing my calves denervations.. who knows.. i´m going to try to get an appt this or next week..
    Hi Ms. Pie ;) .. well i was feeling weird a month ago.... so i went to a neurologist.. she send me lots of exams.. and well EMG was "dirty" in the conclusions there is not a diagnosis of MND/ALs yet but im scared about some comments about denervation... so i'm trying to get some answers..
    Hi Martha, i don't know you but i want to meet you since i see you in the blogs and you are always with a great attitude... I'm Juan From Panamá.. (central america) and in the processes of diagnosis... :) have a great day.
    Hi Marta,
    I'm doing ok. It looks like I'm still going to be getting divorced though unfortunately. It's really strange because we get along great now that I don't live there and spend time alone together and then also with the kids. I see us at some point reconciling but I might be a dreamer. I just take it one day at a time. Sorry. to hear you are have a few more difficulties. My dad isn't good but seems to be staying at a standstill on his progression right now. He is enjoying going to see my two boy's baseball games. The one's that haven't gotten rained out that is. We are still working on the caregivers yet for dad. We will probally have to hire more then one and they will have to stay the night with him. Take care, Kim
    Hi Marta,
    How are things going lately for you? My sister lives in Dallas, Texas and was here this past weekend to visit dad. I had a rummage sale and did reasonably well. I had it both Friday and Saturday. Saturday, was really slow though. Mydad's caretaker who has been living with him has decided he wants to quit to do other things. He will stay until we find someone thankfully. We interviewed one guy already who seems interested and has taken care of some relatives of ours in the past. Hopefully, we will find someone good and it will work out. Take care, Kim
    I am also in a PWC talking is affected but still doing OK I guess. Sorry I haven't been on the site, all the people acting like they have ALS and asking stupid questions irritates me. I am still here, glad to here from you
    Hi Marta,
    How are you doing? I'm doing better. I'm still supposedly getting divorced but he's dragging his feet on. We are getting along great now that we are separated and not living under the same roof. We do alot of stuff together with the kids and just the two of us. I'm just taking it one day at a time. It's less stressful that way. My dad seems to be doing well lately considering this horrendous disease. He went to our youngest son's baseball game last night. Unfortunately, my son's team lost again by quite a bit. But, dad still had fun and was glad to get out of the house. Take care, Kim
    Well my brother is using a walker still but very slow walking when in his home. When he goes anywhere he has to use a wheelchair. He's stubborn and doesn't want help but is starting to realize he needs it. He doesn't leave the house very ofte just for dr appts. He is giving up and I hate it. He's also starting to slur his words a little.mhope you are doing as well as can be expected. I talk to my brother about you quite often thinking it may help him stay positive.
    Hi Ms Co.
    It has been a while. it is spring time here in utah and alot has happened.
    My Doctors at the U of U said that we need a home with less stairs, so
    2 weeks ago we moved into our new home with views of the valley.

    How have you been doing?

    we are 3 blocks from the base of the mountains - I will post pictures


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