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  • Hey Ms Colorado
    I have posted a couple of pictures of Baby,,,
    She likes to play with those mouses.... and goes for rides in the truck
    thanks for your kind words


    Hi Marta
    I just have not been on-line much, just working on my book... two weeks ago we lost our Cat [Crye Babee]
    it has been very sad here
    but Sunday, we pickup a new Babee, 6 weeks old and funny as every. I will post a picture tonight
    Hugs from Ray
    I am on the tea table a lot -- just haven't posted much lately. I am losing strength in my arm and my hands I am trying to use Dragon speak more. The problem is my speech is not always without a slur which makes it difficult for the Dragon. Thank goodness I still can read on my Kindle and watch movies on TV. I don't know what I would do with the Kindle -- not only do I enjoy the reading but it stimulates my mind.

    When I read your post about the hockey game, and where your seats are located, I thought you were doing pretty good. Then I read that it was difficult for you to go up the stairs. I haven't been downstairs for two years because I can't get back up.

    Our downstairs is our guest area so I just pray that everything is fixed right for our guests. Since He has been with me for six years she has a pretty good feel for what needs done but I always like to go behind her and straightener wrinkle or pick up that piece of lint. :)
    Thankyou for your kind thoghts Ms is not an easy time even though we accept that Ed is now at peace.....I struggle with some anger about what he endured through the illness and I know this is part of the pathway through grief.Anastasia.
    Marta need some help. My husband has been massaging me and he noticed something I have swelling in all my joints right arm hand and shoulder a lot of pain. Now he thinks again this is not ALS are you familiar with these symptoms also hot flashes that produce a lot of sweat. I first thought ALS triggered menopause but as he said according t my gyno I have plenty of hormones and no where near menopause Help love you. Felica
    Hi! Thank you for stopping in! I just started the spring semester so its been busy. We are getting little things done in the house and getting ready to put it on the market. We hope to sell and move to the beach area. We are embracing the idea that Tom may have ALS but ALS doesn't have Tom!!

    How are you???
    Did you get a chance to read the document: Compassionate Use Drugs for ALS patients????I thought she did a tremendous job. Treat is Now Agenda!!!!!!
    I'm tired and am especially tired of the suffering. I have decided to not fight on any longer. Its been a long road. I love and I will see you. I'll be the one next to Ann.
    With all my love.
    Til we meet again
    I will try and figure out how to say yes to personal messages. This site is complicated!

    Off to see ALS counsellor with my hubby!
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