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  • Hello Marta
    This Ray and I am still kicking, this is the first time that I have been here in mouths.
    How are you doing, I pray that you will kick this.
    I doing about the same, I had a Heart Attack back on 1 Aug 13, I am getting over that.
    Then in Sept Bob and Chris Anderson [Outdoor Man Nc] came and visited.
    We had a fun time
    You take care.
    Marta, glad you passed you test; I know that brings you comfort:) Thanks for you comment about the story. God's miracles are a neat thing to witness. I also put other photos of the story on my blog of the iris being the only one blooming in the whole garden. Under the photo I wrote out how to find it since we can't put links on here.
    Oh...BTW....just added a neat story that I think you will love about two miracles I personally witnessed yesterday. It is on my page. It is under my photo albums with the photo called "Two Miracles." God is good:)
    Done! Of course I will say a prayer for your test.....even put it on my calendar to remember again! Much love:) ~ Judy
    Nello Ms. Pie! Found the info re granulation on rose's on peg picture. She shares info about the different creams she uses. She did an awesome job compiling info. Wish i knew how to paste a direct link. Let me know if u can't find it. Hugs
    Hey Marta.....I haven't checked in lately. Hope things haven't been hard on you. I am sure you are facing each day one at a time and have a cheerful attitude and a smile on your face:) Some ole' days for me...caring for my husband's aunt, and working on my photography. I am branching out a little with my photography beside studying and learning. I entered a few contests lately. Probably won't lead to anything, but I thought I would start trying! God bless and have a wonderful day!!!! ~ Judy
    Hi Marta,
    Just dropped in to say Hello! My kids started back in school last week. Bring on the homework. Yuck! I can't believe it's almost September and the first time I used dad's pool was last week when I was off. It was always either raining or too cold when ever I had a day off. My dad seems to be adjusting to his new assistant living facility in Dallas. He laughs because they actually have a happy hour there everyday. lol My brother and sister take him out to eat, to see movies, and go to sports events of their kids. He likes get out a little. It's funny but the first thing he was concerned about when he found out he was moving was what kind of tv service he would have. My brother hooked his Netflix up for him right away. Dad loves his movies. Take care, Kim
    Hey Marta. I got banded before and I don't have a clue why. I rejoined using this ID. I plan to post more as time goes by.
    Thanks for letting me know. I have the same problem with my mouth. Let me know if you find a trick that works. Hugs
    Hello Ms Pie... How is it going with the new bipap? How do you like the mask? I am picking mine up Tues. Will let you know how it goes :) cheers
    Happy 4th of July to you. Hope you are getting some enjoyment this summer. The last few days the weather has been beautiful here. We had been getting nothing but rain. I have to work Friday and then I'm off for a week. I have to give my apartment a really good cleaning. It's not in too bad of shape just mostly cluttered. I need to organize my space a little more. Take care, Kim
    Hi Marta,
    How are things going for you lately? My dad got his first power wheelchair a few weeks ago. It is really plush and he luckily got in through the VA. They have been really great here and get him his necessary equipment really fast. Which I heard is not the case alot of times. Dad is visiting my sister and brother who both live in Dallas until July 8th. I will miss him but am happy that he is able to take a little vacation. We don't have alot for him to do in our town. My brother and nephew are strong to help load him up and take him places. He likes to go to the movies. Take care of yourself, Kim
    Sorry to hear about his mom. I know what that feels like. That's tough. Still being a part-time caregiver. Doing whatever she needs. It still allows me to do my photography which I love. I got a new camera and telephoto lens. Soooo excited:) The Lord still brings to me what He wants me to photograph. I'll post a photo of a bunny in my album and you can read it. Still seeking what He wants me to do with my photography. Thanks for asking! ~ Judy
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