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  • Hi Sara. The latest incarnation of the "Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs" has been closed (as happens periodically.) So a new one needs to be started. Either you can start it, or if you like I can start one. To start a new one, get on the "Religion and Christians Here for Support" section, then hit the "New Thread" button at the lower left hand corner under the thread listings.

    It was suggested on this forum that my husband--the beanfarmer was trying to use the forum in order to write a book. He only was letting people know about his book because it is a collection of funny stories. Laughter is the best medicine, I know. As a caregiver for my husband for 20 years, his last years were spent compiling the book as a memory book for our children, fosterchildren, brothers, sister, mom and friends. He had considered the ALS forum a place to go to offer help and advice. He was in his last stages of the disease. He had offered his advice to someone using cutting and pasting methods because for him to type one sentence was very difficult and time consuming. I know, because I would watch him try to type something and it would sometimes take him a half hour to type out one word. During his last week on this earth, he was able to type out two sentences. My main reason for posting this is so that people in a support group forum would not be so quick to judge.
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