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  • Aquinn, my neurologist (an als specialist) has diagnosed me with peripheral nerve hyperexcitability (BFS) as the cause of my twitching and I have foraminal stenosis in my neck which he believes explains my very mild shoulder weakness and localized fibrillations on my last emg. I still have my doubts.
    Sis you ever figure out what was causing your symptoms? Thank you. In your shoes just wanted to know. Thank tou
    Hi, The EMG absolutely would have picked it up if it were ALS. Mine picked it up when I was only having periodic fasciculations on the bottom of my left foot. My left ankle was weak and my foot was cramping every time I got in the water to swim/float in the pool. Benign fasciculations can be localized OR all over your body. You're clear! I'm so happy for you.
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