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  • hi, i have heavy battle with my legs, cant walk at once more than max 600 ft. what is your condition? obviously, my lower motor neuron will die first. lmn and bulbar als go with tongue which is (as dr said) lmn. what's up with you?
    so glad you got my birthday wish, love you mate, my life is so much richer for knowing you xxx
    Hey you doing, I have a feeling not to good. It's been a few months since you have participated in the forum. I hope it is that you have been to busy, and not your decline. I know that I feel busy just getting showered and dressed in the morning, let alone doing chores and paperwork etc. All of it seems overwhelming lately.
    If you are up to it drop me a msg. little mark
    Hi Marty
    Been thinking of are you and your family going? Praying for your brother.
    Janelle x
    Hey Marty. I'm not hot on instructions but here goes

    When you've typed your post,
    Click on Go Advanced
    Click on Manage Attachment
    Click on Choose File

    From there you pick your photos then upload,
    Click on Close Window (right at bottom)

    Then Submit Post

    Good luck!
    J x
    G'day Marty,
    Just read a post of yours and I didn't like to hijack the thread...but you do know now you've admitted the beautiful Holly is in your life...we want pics??
    My kids love seeing the pics of the pets. I think they know of them better than all you lovely people I talk about!
    I don't want to dismiss it, nor do I know what to say about the girlfriend who bailed on you...the practical side of me says good riddance now, before it becomes more of a stress on you, but the compassionate side of me is gutted for you.
    I'm so glad you have awesome kids!
    God bless, Janelle x
    Hi. I saw your blog about your difficulties in getting a bipap machine. I actually have one that is sitting in my closet that I've been unable to sell. Would you like to discuss this? I am in Texas as well.
    Give me a call or email.
    [email protected]
    Yeah, getting tougher but for now I'm alone. Probably have to hire a caregiver before much longer to help out
    Marty, thank you so much for that lovely message. I must say I don't know quite what to say back. I know that the people here will be an amazing support for you if you let us. We do truly become family. I hope the tears give you some release as we all have so much to grieve, from all sides of the equation. hugs Tillie
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