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  • Mpiresteve, I was just reading a post over in the DIHALS section...and I would like to exercise a bit of caution to you.

    Generally, people who come into the DIHALS Section are ramped up on anxiety and we have to be carefeul we do not exaceraberate it. I think it is very commendable of you to tell your story and how you have been so affected by ALS. However, the DIHALS section may not be the spot for your sharings of misdiagnosis... we don't want to give extra worry to those who have come here with only a few symptoms. I know you have exceptions in your family, and trouble with diagnosis, but this is not the time for these 'newbies' to hear this unless they have had the proper tests done and have gone further than 'i have a twitch, and I have seen my gp once'.

    I hope this makes sense, and I am not trying to attack you. I just wanted to give you a heads up...and I will be doing so for the other newer members as well who posted in that thread.
    Take care
    He is 18 months old now. I have a daughter also, she is 6 years old. Thank you for the welcome :)
    Hi Mpiresteve, welcome to our forum family... how old is that gorgeous little baby now?
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