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  • It looks like it's been a long time since you've been on, but I came across one of your posts and your story bears some similarities to mine. Have you gotten any answers since you were last on the forum?
    Sandra, I want to thank you soul much for your loving support of me when the nasty started. It means the world to me and I would be soul proud to have you as a friend! hugs, Kay Marie
    Thank u Sandra for ur kind words. And I know I'm scaring myself to death and I'm trying to stop, if I could just take the ankle clonus out of the picture, I would be feeling much calmer. I can deal with the twitches, even though they are very weird. But thank u for reaching out to me, Huggs, and take care, I'll keep u posted on what I find out.

    I'm just now seeing this -- it never occurred to me til now that I might have any private messages!

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm thankful I had an opportunity to meet someone so special.

    yes i do write alot. a few of my poems are up as blogs on my profile, you should check them out and let me know what you think.
    hey~ I hope my pm makes since, I typed it all out and then went to send and was 559 words over the limit!!! You thought you went on too long? you dont know me, I am the worst. So I had to delete a whole paragraph and then some! I just dont talk with anyone outside of here about this, so it can get a little long!
    hey there,
    Just wondering how your appt went? I saw your post about re visting specialist, but didnt see an update. I hope all went well, or at least as well as can be. God bless, april
    Sandra ... thanks so much for your kind words and your concern. It means a lot! I think it's going to work out OK!

    All best, Beth
    hi sandra.
    no problem,everythings cool lol.
    i was going to put it on the "is this als "forum but thought better of it lol.
    hopefully you do have a more treatable illness,but i do understand given your symptoms its hard not to worry. take good care. caroline
    hi , just want to say thank you again. and i am sorry you are going thur the fear of this. yes that is a picture of my son and his niece, he has three children one lives at home with him she is 13 yrs old. i have to scan a better picture of him in computer only had 2 of him but want a better one of him.if thier is anything i can help you with just ask. i appericate your help those sites will be usefull in the future again thank you so much
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