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  • Hi, Mom. The swallowing problem you describe kinda sounds the opposite of what Bulbar people have described to me. If EMG is negative, you really shouldn't be worrying about ALS. You're wasting your time here when you could be tracked down the real problem.
    Ok so I will try one more time, today my twitching got a little more intense and I was having problems getting my food down it was getting stuck in my throat and my tongue felt week, please tell me your thoughts on this I am scarred to death, even now chicken is getting stuck in my mouth and throat and I need water to wash it down, please reply I really appreciate it I have noone else
    mike I am sorry, now feeling the hand weakness just cant help but think ALS, i am going back to to dr but is it possible to have bulbar and hand weakness or is it two differnt things? if feels almost like my right hand is failing a little, of course i know my nerves have alot to do with it to
    its weird I just started typing today and my right could not keep up with the left like a little slower or weaker, not sure if that is how ALS works and by the way Mike, thank you so much for being so understanding, you really make me feel so much better.
    hi again, I am at work today and typing and started feeling better then I feel like my right hand is not working great while typing, just a little weak, ugh, each time I think I feel better something else pops up
    I don't know what posts or websites you're looking at, but I can assure you that at our site, several very experienced people considered all that you posted and gave you their best opinion. If anyone thought for a moment that there might be a possibility of ALS in you, we would have answered very, very differently.
    On your Visitor Message page, next to each message, you'll see a link called View Your Conversation with Atsugi. Click that, and then it'll work easier.
    Hey Mike, have not heard a reply back I am so confused when we post about symptoms and we very one says they don't match up to ALS yet I read other posts and see Pete diagnosed with excess saliva or body wide twitching, I just don't know what to think or say I am so scarred
    No offense taken and no disrespect perceived. We're simply working to help you, and we can't help you any further. You need to continue on with a medical doctor, and we need to continue on with people who have ALS.
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