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  • Unfortunately he is not. He doesn't have any insurance. Has been denied Medicaid. We are trying to get him disability & have applied for SS. We are currently buying scripts & supplies out of pocket. Any ideas on where 2 get tube feeding bags/supplies? Fortunately, the nurses set him up with supplies for about a month when he was discharged from the hospital. Just not sure where to go from here! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Makes me feel not so alone in all this!
    Hi! Welcome to the forum. So sorry you have the need to be here. My dad was just diagnosed with ALS in May after going to several doctors to find out what exactly is going on. He lives in Illinois but is currently staying with my sister in Dallas because they have a ALS clinic there an we don't have one in our small town. Is your dad by chance a veteran? If he is he can get alot of help through the VA clinics with supplies and things. Hang in there. You will find alot of support on here. Hugs, Kim
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