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    Giving up the keys

    So sorry. Driving = independence. Such a great loss
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    8 months in and new symptom has me terrified

    Immobility causes frozen shoulder.
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    General question about other diagnoses.

    I had EMG/NCV, spinal tap, and muscle Bx, in addition to MRI from brain to tail before diagnosis.
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    Diagnosis changed from ALS to MG

    Good luck! So glad they have changed the DX
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    check the ALS Forum at for a thread about external catheters. Also known as...

    check the ALS Forum at for a thread about external catheters. Also known as condom or Texas catheters. Used with a leg bag they are discrete
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    Somewhat Embarrassing

    Search for external catheters
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    Somewhat Embarrassing

    For urinary incontinence a condom (Texas) catheter with a leg bag will work well. Try a search for external catheters. PLM has a thread about preferred brands.
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    Curling toes

    Range of motion Doc can prescribe AFO'S. check with your insurance carrier for an approved provider of prosthetics Yes, you can wear shoes but may need size adjustment. Check out profile page of member, Rose. She has a photo of hers.
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    I have gel with circulating air. I can sleep on my back all night
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    Would like to introduce myself

    Welcome! :smile::smile::lol::lol::lol::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
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    Curling toes

    ROM for the toes
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    Al petit's memorial day.

    Missing so many
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    any PLS folks ever have anesthesia?

    If your breathing is not compromised you should be Ok
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    Other than laxatives

    Water water water! Coconut oil Oatmeal Miralax
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    Permobil x850

    Whoo hoo! Happy trails! Wear the seat belt