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  • Deb,
    Nine falls,that is scary! And no major damage,you are so lucky and I am so happy for that.My bride and I were total beach bums,in HS I was swim team captain,did butterfly and freestlye.Our dream was to retire near a warm ocean,typical NH water in summer 60,or less.Saw you all your pics today,Snoopy and Max look great and well cared for,not to mention Deb kooked cute also!--------------Hugs Ken
    I do not go to the beach anymore,cannot walk on sand.But do go to the state park,has a large pier with lots of fishing going on,and the Myrtle Beach International air port right next to it and the big Jets land right over it and sometimes the Air Force flys in,very exciting,depending on wind they may take off over it,you have to put your fingers in you ears.The shots are working,today I would say 90% of drool gone.Deb have a good night-------------------------Hugs Ken
    So sorry about you fall and like you my foot drags and the toes go under sometimes,I have a walker with the wheels and seat.I have not fell yet,reading some off the stories about falls scares the hell out of me,anything can happen as we all know.
    Hi Deb,
    Happy Sat.night to you,hope your doing ok,anything good going on.Beautiful day here,lots of sun,temp at 3pm was 68,my kind of day.Have a good night and no cramps!------Hugs Ken
    Deb, About your kitty's feeding table (we had one too) my son actually made a food "drawer" with rectangular opening just big enough for the cat, but dog could only get his head through, his shoulders would not fit. The "drawer" slid under a work island in kitchen, and did not have a top, so when it was pulled out, the dishes were there to refill. The system wasn't perfect, but it kept the food safe.
    Well Deb, yes, a teamster for 30+ years. I tell people God sentenced me to driving.
    I worked in an office for years, selling insurance and then a Purchasing Agent for
    three years. Loved it, however, it ended and I ended up driving.

    Made a lot of money, but was gone most of the time. My wife and I raised four boys.
    35,36,37,38. Mine youngest and oldest. We have 5 grand children and we really
    love watching them play sports.

    Glad you did not suffer some rude CB talk. :)

    Deb, Thanks for the answer, it is so neat how we make up our idenity
    or sign in. Mine was my C.B. Handle for over thirty years. Some have
    questioned the Gentleman part, however, I could have been Diamond
    Jim, :) Don't have much of those either.
    Great hearing from you, thanks again.

    Morning Deb,
    Did the clinic tell you what chair they will get you.Kathy and I were married for 45 years and always had a cat or cats,if she were still here with me this would have been our 46th today,the pic is of Tom,he was about 10 months when that was taken.Sorry about the side effects of the trial and hope your not in any pain from the gallstones.My sisters name is Deb also.Have a good day and enjoy.
    -------------------------------Hugs Ken----------------

    Don't have to tell me, but I usually am interested in how or where we get our sign in name?
    Hope you enjoyed the link, very interesting. Being a nurse this is probably not new for you.
    I am a friend who helps with a ALS patient. Eddie is in advanced stages. So, sorry your here,
    but glad you are hear.
    You will have a great deal to contribute, and we are thankful to God for you.

    Gentleman Jim
    Thank you so much! You have no idea how much the kind words and support I have received from everyone means to me!

    My true hope and desire is that ultimately all PALS are able to benefit from this!
    Hi, welcome to the forum. I have family down in Georgia. It looks like we have some of the same interests. I too had trouble concentrating reading. Just recently I've been able to actually finish a a book again. I don't know if its stress, or what, but the concentration just wasn't there. It helps to find a book by an author you really love, that's for sure.
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