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  • Hey Ken, Hope you're doing well and quickly adapting to all your new gadgets. I'm riding in my new Invacare TDX for a good bit each day. Snoopy loves a ride too and can drive with his butt! LOL! Max is still a little skittish, Athena is unfazed. You have an odometer on yours? Thats so cool! I'm dissapointed about not having the lift feature but grateful that they got it to me so quickly. Still haven't been down the road with it. The roofers had a huge dumpdruck parked in front of my most convienient exit. Perhaps this week I'll be able to get out and about.Right now I'm using a tote bag draped over one armrest but will figure out something a little more suitable to carry the little odds and ends I like to keep handy during the day. Hope you have sunny skies too and can get back to the beach soon.....Deb
    Big Hi to Deb,
    Happy you have a new PWC,what did you get?I love my Permobil M-300,have 103 miles on it now.I don't have any bags on it,always have someone with me and they carry all,but I should get it set up.Have a good night----------------------Big Hugs Ken
    Yes, I read early during my journey with ALS that there were some studies done that used high doses of Vit D in MS patients, and a lot of the faciculations lessened... so I tried it. I started off with 5,000 IU of Vit D initially, and then went to 2,000 which I still take daily. Be careful though, Aly told me there have been other studies in which symptoms could get worse, not better.
    Hi Deb, just wanted to pop and and say hello, I've seen your posts and never talked to you directly! I love your tagline...
    Hi Deb,
    Hope your doing ok and enjoying.I have been to SanAntonio several times.My brother retired Air Force ended up in SA and my daughters husband is also retired Air Force and they live in New Braunfels,north of SA,so I have done lots of turing in that area.Have read your getting PWC soon,am very happy for you,we had a nice day today and usd mine,now have 103 miles on it,good luck with yours.---------------------------Hugs Ken
    Hello I hope things are going well in your world today. Just wanted to drop a line and say HI.
    Hi Deb, Glad to hear you are getting your PWC. I know about the mixed feelings. No I have not got mine yet, still getting approved by medicare then they can order it, probab;y be a while. Concerns of breaking down are real but hey what can you do about the unknown ay way. Just get out there and enjoy it!
    Hoping you are doing good today and don't forget to smile.
    Hi - I noticed your photos from the walk across the hudson - are you local to NY/CT? I live in Stamford. I haven't been really involved with events since my diagnosis, but definitely want to. Any suggestions?
    hi deb,thankyou for all your lovely comments.
    i only got a chance at a quick peep at yours before i had to rush off,so will have a good look again.
    its great to see each others photos,makes us feel closer to each other.
    take good care (((hugs)))caroline.
    hi deb.
    after many "likes" which i thankyou for i thought i should pop by and say hi.
    i hope you are doing as well as you can and find much help and support here on the forum.
    are all those furbabies yours lol..........i can only manage my two cats,i love them but they can drive you crazy sometimes lol.
    take good care,caroline.
    Hi Deb,
    Pray you have a happy day and your Mom is doing ok,like you I miss the fall colors,they had like 15 inches at my house in NH yesterday,from what you wrote me looks like you have been all around.My daughter is here from San Antonio for a 10 day vist so we are all having fun,we only won 10 dollars from powerball last night,will go the 245m on Wed.Have a good day.---Hugs Ken
    Thanks hon. Its just I took comfort in that we both believed the same way (agnostics), and now this?? I just want to know when I die I can finally just rest and be at peace laying beside my sweetheart. That gave me comfort. Now this?? Ugh!
    Thanks Deb. I appreciate it hon. It was a comfort to know we believed the same way, etc.. now he wants to believe there is an afterlife and wants me to tell our kids there is one, when I don't know, for myself, that it exist... how do you tell your kids something for a fact that you don't believe in?
    Thanks kido, Deb, it really is nice that you and many others have some
    general understanding of the things we all are going through or headed

    We appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers.

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