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  • It hasnt been closed! They just moved it...go up to the search bar in the blue strip above...type in Happiness Now, and you will find it...
    Deb.....thanks so much for all the valuble info about PWC! I am looking forward to getting one...will make me more mobil and much easier on my sweet caregiver husband! Thanks in advance for more info on yours. I too have taken my walker down with me a few times...only bruises but could have been worse. I guess I just want to keep walking!

    Hey there...I have been to Batesville. San Diego is a beautiful city...I can see why your girls would want to go back. We still visit when we can as I still have family there. When I was diagnosed with ALS I told my husband Mike I wanted a honeymoon (we didn't have one) and he surprised me with making all the arrangements and he took me to San Diego! We had the best time! You should go visit sometime. I am about to get a PWC...can you give me some hints...not sure what I need? Thanks!

    Thanks about my son! He is very special. I'll keep him I have a daughter in college too. Okay, I'm really finished now:)
    I am glad you are enjoying the posts. My husband and I also went to Georgia Southern. I graduated in 1989 with my undergrad and 1990 with my Masters in Physical Education and Health. I played tennis for Southern, and my husband was an athletic trainer there. That is how me met. The Boro brings back many great memories:)
    Hey Deb! As I was looking at your profile, I noticed you were also from Georgia. Just curious where you live. I am in the Bulldog nation of Athens:)
    Thank you, Deb! It went pretty well, though kinda depressing, discussing PEG tubes and PWCs and overhead lifts. Dad hung in there like a trooper (though he wouldn't get weighed, but who cares really). I kinda wish it wasn't 3 months til the next one.
    hi Deb!

    More answers... More questions, lol, but at least we're getting into the clinic.

    Thanks for all of the support - wish there was something I could do for you!

    I just figured out how to post pics here and put up a few of my folks and my kids if you're bored and want to take a look...
    Thank you so much, it is very hard. I hope i do make a good nurse, i know i can say I have been there, or i know how you feel and mean it. I really feel it is my calling, i do feel it was a parting gift from my husband to me (silly to say it like that but it helps to think he knew what driection i needed to go in. I just miss him so much, i feel i cant do it with out him. but he is still with me, i just have to have faith that he is. He was my rock, then i was his rock.. now i am on quicksand... one day i will be with him again.. and fill him in on all he missed. Untill then, i gotta live this life for the both os us. - A
    Hi Just wondering if you have a fb account.I entered a contest that would renovate my home to accomedate my husbands condition.Most vores win Can you help and spread the worl in the als world.this would help so much.Thanks
    If You have reached this page i am sure that your life has been impacted by als in some way.mine is no different.My husbandwas diagonsed last year.I am not looking for sympathy or pity,I found this oppurtunity to improve my husbands living conditions and i am pursuing it,i am asking for your support to vote for me,then share with friends to help win a home reno.Thank yo uso much
    Looks like its not raining so I may get out on my scooter today. Just said good bye to my sis, who has been here for a week...I love her sooooo much, was good to hang out with her. She cried when she saw how much I had progressed in a year....I didnt realize how much because everything is so gradual. How are you doing?
    love you
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