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  • to make a new post--go to the section you want to post in, and when you see the list of threads to read look to the op of the page on the left is a blue button that says "new Thread" click on that an you will be on a page that lets you type in a new post. give it a title and say hi! give it a try!
    I am so sorry for what you and your kids are going thru. it is so hard on everyone involved. ALS is so awful for the whole family!
    I do not understand why Hospice would not accept her in their program at least for home care. have you made a post about this? I bet we have other members who have dealt with this. Have you tried other Hospices? some areas have several. also, the doc can prescribe home health care for her since she has the bed sore. that might give you some help and relief. my god, 75 lbs is so tiny! does she want to stay on the ventilator or get off of it? does she have that option?
    Hello I am a als cargiver since 2008. My mom is on a vent and peg completely bedbound. I take care of her 24 hours 7 days a week.
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