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  • My e-mail is [email protected] I'm glad you're going to the funeral home while you are still strong. When that day comes you will be a basket case. That's why I went ahead with the pre-planning. I knew I wouldn't be in any shape to make decisions.
    You are so sweet. I'm going to see if the funeral home will work with me also. I feel a special connection with you. You have been a blessing knowing I'm not all alone in this journey. Talking to you has been so comforting. I thought I was going crazy and felt so bad for the way I have been feeling. But now I know that you are going thru the same things, the same emotions and I don't feel so alone anymore. You,more than any post, have helped me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a wonderful daughter to your mom and I know she is so proud and thankful for everything you do. Remember the saying "a son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life". How true! I'm in a world of trouble - I have 2 sons.
    Im going alone I think im much stronger when im alone because when we went to tje cemetery a few years ago my sister was crying im gonna go alone I think cause I want to make sure that I sign the papers and that under no circumstances they have an open casket even though im not planning on attending I dont want my mom being looked at I dont know that sounds weird right. I paid for a spot in the cemetery I forgot what its called not in the ground its like an outside building it was 10k and now I have no savings for the funeral but 1000 thats all I have but the social worker told me they pay 2000 and that the funeral place will work with me. One of my aunts said she has some money saved up I can borrow. I havnt been stuyding for my entrance test I just don't see how I could with all this. I wish I can meet u one day u have been so kind to me if u give me ur email I can send u pic
    Picking out the casket was hard....I went with middle of the line. Be prepared for the price! If that wasn't hard enough, I broke down when I picked out the pamphlet ( I don't know the proper name) that you get at the funeral home. The one I chose was about fighting so hard and how tired he was. It also said God only takes the best. I excused myself and went into the restroom and cried for 10 minutes. Will your family go with you? You've done everything else by yourself. My brother went with me. He feels like Joe is more like a brother than brother-in-law. Calling the dr today. I'm still on poop patrol.
    Wow really I thought the imodium would help. Thats is horrible. Did u ask the doctor if they can give him anything to help. Yeah at what u said about when im tired everything brothers me im like that. I stop going to c thw therapist that was taking too much of my time... im gonna try to go thia week to the funeral place my worry is the actual choosing a casket I feel like I will pass out
    If I were to have ALS I believe I would refuse the peg and definitely the vent. I see what he goes thru and would never want to be that way........I wish there was something I could do or say to make it better for him. I never watched that show but I've seen the previews on TV. Might have to watch it. Yes I think that would be a good idea about the funeral home. I've got to go and make the final arrangements at his. Chances are your mom and Joe will pass away at home and I dread that. What could be worse than having that happen and wait for hours for someone to pick their body up. That's when I'm going to loose it!
    I do understand his anger and Bitterness. I'm like you - I would not handle it well at all. No one would want to be around me. It's the lashing out at me that upsets me. Most of the time I don't pay it any attention. I find when I'm tired, situations bother me. Do you? I talked to his nurse today and she said he is acting that way because he can't control anything else and that is why he is demanding. I wish I weren't so tired all of the time. Once again, I don't know how you have done this so long. God has given you so much strength. I pray for strength daily. He still has diarrhea. I call it poop patrol. Still giving him amodium. Hope it starts working soon.
    Once my mom passes she will be ok when I think about being bedbound and attached to a machine I feel so bad for her. If it were me I would be angry all the time
    ALS is so horrible I pray that I don't get that disease I think about that alot that what if I get als. I guess because im so much like my mom... sometimes I cry and then other times I feel like I can't cry anymore. Im just angry do u feel that way? I wish the holidays were over already. The hospice people came today to review the meds and order supplies I needed. The social worker advice me that I need to have arrangements with a funeral place just in case my mom passes so her body wont sit here for many hours. U know some times I feel so silly because I like watching this show on tlc called long island medium. Im Catholic and I dont think the Catholic Church would agree with believing in that sort of stuff but I find comfort in knowing that
    What a night. he gets so upset with me about any and everything. I try to understand and he told me NO you aren't the one dying......Many,many tears. So heartbreaking. Sorry your Mom is getting worse. I know my husband is both physically and mentally. I'm going to ask our pastor to come next week and talk to him. Anything to make it better on him. ALS is a nightmare!!!!!!!!! I will keep you in my prayers.
    Good morning I giess its easier to clean my mom since she is so small. My mom has no fat at all. What I do is turn her on her side clean her with baby wipes the ones from name brand prevail are huge and do a good job they cost three dollars here in nj. For the smell I use a bit of dial soap or baby soap diluted in this foam container I get when ever we go to the hospital. I do believe my mom is getting worst...
    My problem is he is still a big man. Either with the diaper or chux, I have a hard time cleaning him up. I can usually get the sides but not all the way in the back. He is way too heavy to try and lift. I'm having a hard time just lifting his legs up for me to clean him. Not sure what caused it. I did start him. On cynbalta this week. He also have a chicken pot pie ( cut up very small). Haven't given him anything but his his formula the last couple of days. Good idea on the Imodium. I'll get someone tomorrow to get me some. Do you think your mom is worse or just going thru a lot of mucus.
    Oh woe that sucks. What do u think is causing it? Medication or food. When my mom would get it I would give her imodium it works fast. My mom stop using a bedpan in 2010 she wears diapers she didnt want to but hadno choice she couldnt control it anymore. Its hard to tell someone they have to use a diaper I would be upset if I had to use one but I guess I would try to think of the caregiver. It made things easier when we started using diapers. My mom is sleeping more but in the evenings has had more mucus so I take a nap at 8 and wake up at 12am thats when the machine starts beeping high alert
    We had a good night - didn't wake up. But guess what, diarrhea. He is unable to sit on a bed pan so he goes on a chux. What a mess. I'll get through it. What does your mom do as for as the bathroom situation?
    Another night of secretions she is sleeping now so im gonna rest.. my kids want the tree up already.. thsts so yrue there used to be a time when I didnt want yo leave my mom's side but now I can go food shopping ot even take a bath without rushing. I feel like something is gonna happen one day but I dont k ow when and I can't keep driving myself nuts. I do Christmas shopping o line and at last minute
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