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  • I have been praying for you, and know that if peace can be sent through the miles that I am sending it to you. Have a progressively Happy New Year, and know that your mom is watching you and loving you still.
    Just stopping in to say that I am still praying for you. I hope that you are beginning to get some peace, and finding something to smile about.
    I just found out about your mom - I am so sorry. I know how long you have been dealing with this and how difficult it must be. I am glad that your mom is not suffering anymore and is at peace. You were a wonderful daughter to care for her the way that you did.
    Take Care, Trina
    Thanks everyone it feels good to know u guys understand what im going thru. I feel a little bit better today but honestly on Monday when my mother passed I really lost it. I know my mom is in peace
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. She is at home now, but that doesn't mean that it won't hurt so very much. It took over a year for me not to think about my brother every other minute of the day. Now I can think about him and talk about him with happy thoughts. I will be praying for peace in your heart, and the sores of loss to heal.
    I was so sorry to hear about your mother. I will keep your family in my prayers. Sending you a hug, Kim
    I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. She is at peace now. you are a great daughter, and I hope you find peace too.
    My mom passed away yesterday although I know she is not hurting anymore I cant believe she is gone I have never been away from my mom. Please let barbie and the others know my mom name was germania cruz
    Like I said families - God love you. If you don't have enough on your plate. I hope your daughter will be ok. Take a deep breath - say the rosary. I will be Praying for you. Wish I were there. I think you need a big hug.....
    My mom is home with my 13 year old my sister and cousin couldnt go sit with my mom because they were in their homes cooking......my son is in college and if they admit my daughter her dad will stay or take turns cauae he ia a very weak like my sister and the rest of the bunch
    Well the np ordered some stuff for the nebulizer its supposed to loosen the mucus and the wound on her back now has an oder so they r calling the doctor I noticed it but qhen I told them they disnt notice it until today. My five uear old was sent home from school yesterday for a bad cough I took her to the doctor he said use thennebulizer ever four hours so today ahe was turning purple my daugjter and so now we r in the hospital
    No - my sister is picking up a rx right now at the pharmacy. Please,please,please let it work. How was your day?
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