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  • Just wanted to thank you for sharing.I have suscribed to your wife's blog. I was deeply moved by the last post. Peace :)
    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for sharing your wife's blog. It's beautiful. Do you think she would mind if i shared it on my blog? I know it's the internet and all, but i thought i'd ask, since she mentions that you two keep to yourselves. Please tell her I love it. I know that doesn't mean much because you don't know me, but I'm young like you, and my husband is my caregiver.
    Hey jtorm
    My progression has been really slow. I was still walking up till a year and half ago. It took around 4 and 1/2 to diagnose which was hard to deal with with not knowing
    Hi Mindsuferer! How come you were 21 when all started and now 28.. You have progressed slowly then...

    Im Jon.. 25, trying to see what Is wrong with me
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