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  • Ok Here goes, we decided to see a Lymes specialist to see if maybe Jim has Lymes instead of ALS. He has lymes. The Doctor can not tell me if he has ALS or not but he does have lymes. So from here we are going forth with trying to treat the lymes in hopes the progress of ALS stops because this was always lymes. Jim cancelled his appt. at Mayo. We are still keeping our appt to UOC to meet our ALS team to just be prepaired. All We can do is pray. I'm so hoping this Doctor isn't taking advantage of a horrible diagnosis. We meet another couple there from Michigan that her husband was also diagnosed with ALS and here also Lymes. Maybe there is a connection. I'm praying so hard for this to be the answer as long as they can reat him. My husbands left side is very weak and now his right side has started. The couple we met at the clinic the man had it all in the bulbar area and left side. this is so hard to try to figure out.

    Hi again Vicki,

    Good luck at Mayo...they are among the best there is! I saw Dr Eric Sorenson and Dr Lyell Jones, both very friendly and knowledgeable neurologists.
    A million thoughts ran through my head while we were there...ask questions they will answer.

    Is your husband a veteran...they have good benefits for ALS patients.

    Hopefully they find another diagnosis for your husband...Lymes Disease definitely mimics ALS and it is so very hard to test for sometimes.

    Again GOOD LUCK and let me know the results!

    Oh, Vicki, I am so sorry to hear of your husband's illness. We really do know how you feel. Surreal was also the best word that I could come up with - and it stayed that way.

    You're very welcome here. I pray for an abundance of grace, peace, and strength to you.
    Hello Vicki,

    Sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis. When is your Mayo appointment?
    I was there the 14th of February and had my diagnosis by that afternoon. I was also set up for their ALS clinic the following week due to a cancellation. They were all very nice and as helpful as possible.

    Yes Lyme's can mimic ALS as can dozens of other things. Try to keep a positive attitude that it is something else.

    I am married and kids are all out of the house. I don't think a person is ever fully prepared for an ALS diagnosis, but coming to this site prepared me better than I thought possible.

    Is your husband a military veteran? They are very helpful as well.

    Good luck and let me know how his appointment goes!
    Hi, I'm new here. My Husband has been diagnosed with ALS on Feb 21st 2013. This still seems surreal to me and my Husband. I'm so messed up from this diagnosis I can not think straight. I'm a total mess. I know I need to be strong for my Husband but I need comeone to help me through this as well. I have such a wonderful, loving, caring, understanding and sweet man for a husband. Why this?
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