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    Hi Poppy, Been thinking about you. My 11 yr. old son has been told that he is a very good...

    Hi Poppy, Been thinking about you. My 11 yr. old son has been told that he is a very good writer. That he writes with a voice. I told him about how much I enjoy reading your blogs. You have such a way with words. I picture everything that you write about. If you were considering a new...
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    Rog has passed

    Jen So sorry for your loss. You two made a good pair. You did everything (trips, family) together till the end. It was great that you had the time together.
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    please help me come over my anxiety

    Take is from someone who suffers from anxiety, you are having anxiety related health issues. If I read about anxiety symptoms I start to have them. Anxiety will wreck you if you don't take control of it. My dad lost his life to ALS, that's a disease with no cure, anxiety is treatable. Take...
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    My Dad's Passing

    Sorry about your dad passing. ALS is terrible. My dad passed two weeks after being diagnosed w/Bulbar ALS. My dad also stated he didn't want to live on a vent. My dad passed the same way your's did. I'm glad my dad had a choice with how it would/could end. The disease stole everything from him...
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    Sharon, rest in peace. It will be odd not seeing a new post from you on this site. But you have left us all with lots of kind words.
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    My Mom...My Heart

    Pat, sorry for the loss of your mom. Bulbar ALS is terrible. May she rest in peace.
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    Comment by 'mj95' in media 'IMG 1630'

    Simply Beautiful
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    Ready to Explode! (disability coverage issues)

    Re: Ready to Explode! Samantha, Not that I know your family but maybe they are reacting to your illness not you. They might be angry at how your illness is affecting their life and they are taking it out on you and each other. My dad recently passed away from Bulbar ALS. My 11 yr old was...
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    Post made me cry for you all.

    Haven't been on here lately, so sad to see how many PALS have pasted away. Sad to hear some PALS are getting worse. I would sometimes get a little envious reading that you still had your PALS alive. But when I read your stories, it breaks my heart all over again. I am so sorry you all have to...
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    My Husband Mark

    Rachel, sorry for your loss. It's was great that you all had special time with him. I'm sure it made it easier for him. He is free now.
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    Poet Christopher Robin

    Glad you have found some peace.
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    Liz aka lizzie11957

    Liz, You taught people the best lesson you could have ever taught, a life lesson. People came together to help because of you. You opened the eyes of people to understand a disease that baffles the medical community.
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    Hi, I'm new

    Kris, you might want to consider using pictures. I have a son who was speech delayed. You might be able to get a therapist who can make up the cards w/ common words that you would use. Eat, bathroom, t.v., etc. He can point to them. Lack of communication is hard for the PALS & CALS...
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    My Sweet Wife is free from ALS

    So sorry your sweet wife has passed away. I hope you find peace. She is no longer suffering.
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    My mommy is singing with the angels

    Sorry for your loss.