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  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help answer some of my questions. My dad was diagnosed in September with ALS but the last time we went in due to my dads progression or non progression for that matter the doctor seems to think mybe not ALS. His first symptom started two years ago in his fingers of his right hand. He now has severe atrophy in his hands arms and legs, he has lost about 30 lbs in the past two years. His voice is a little hoarse and very little slurred speech when he is tired. He uses a walker to walk due to dropped foot on both sides and is not stable on his feet. Well I guess my question is what are the clear signs of Upper Motor Neuron Damage? Is it just the brisk reflexes and spacitity? How did your doctor diagnose your Upper motor damage? I feel that she is not seeing definite signs of the UMND. He has little to no reflex and no spacity Please help me answer this question if you can.
    Thank You
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