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  • Welcome to the forum- I am so sorry you find yourself here for your dad.

    You have posted on your own profile page. The way the forum is set up, you will not find many people will know to look at your page. To make a post that people can see, head on over to the forum itself and use the "New Thread" button on the top left of your screen. There are many different sections, but ones most pertinent for you are below-
    Current Caregivers section: http://www.alsforums.com/forum/current-caregivers-cals/
    Newly Diagnosed section: http://www.alsforums.com/forum/newly-diagnosed/
    People With ALS section: http://www.alsforums.com/forum/people-als-pals/

    Once again, welcome to forum. I hope you will find lots of support and answers to your questions here.

    and also

    Heard nuedexta or Dextromethorphan.can ease swallowing difficulties and speech problem.

    My Dad (an Al's patient) apart from swallowing and speech problem has Thick Mucus problem for which he takes cough syrup...(Expectorant) to make mucus thin so it can be easily spit out.

    Is Dextromethorphan (one compound of Nuedexta) a Cough Suppressant?? If so can taking it be fatal for someone who already has thick Mucus problem.
    Hi, My father in law Age -73 years diagnosed with Bulbar symptoms in March 2018. He was feeling slight dragging of foot and speech issue for more than a year, but after several doctors visits he was adviced for some voice exercises with reason of 'sound box issue due to age' but after more visits finally doctors concluded that he has MND. In India we dont have much forums and many doctors we visited have not much knowledge about this. So all we have to do is carry on with supplements and diet food advised by doctors.
    As of now he is taking care of food intake, following all physiotherapy and other exercises for last 6-7 months but since last week his speech has gone very bad, and he says now chewing food is little tough (though we cook food with much care)
    We dont have a proper guidance and are totally confused at this situation as of what to do next or what can happen next
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