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  • Hi, Kaye!
    My mother went to Vanderbilt two different times and neither time was nothing less than a nightmare. We all found those doctors to be very indifferent about her condition the first time, and then the second time, the doctor was extremely aloof and to the point of being rude. Her Neurologist is in Columbia and we are thrilled with them. Please keep in touch. I, too am glad to have another Tennessean on board! Patty
    Hi Mimipgm,
    I am Kaye from Winchester, Tennessee. I am sorry that your mother isn't doing well. Does she go to Vanderbilt ALS clinic? My sister was diagnosed in May of 2011. She has had symptoms for about 13 months now. Nice to see someone from Tennessee here, but the reasons aren't good. Take care and God bless.
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