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  • I have heard of it through work. Within the company it is a VERY BIG THING. PepsiCo's intent is to transform the image of our business from all about making money to being a good neighbor. It's very ambitious and the funds absolutely will be spent. I don't have any tips on how one would go about making an effective proposal. I do gather though that the most important thing once the project is out there is making a lot of noise and getting a lot of votes. I will most definably do my best to get visibility to the project once someone submits it and lets the rest of us know about it.
    Hi Laurie,
    I did! He gave me some ideas on how to get more awareness and funds through some different internet 'buying sites' that allow a person to donate to their agency of choice (ALSGA). I don't see any negative to applying for the Pepsi funds...I'm going to email Stu about setting up a separate Facebook page purely for ALSGA - I'll be in touch!
    Hi, no you did not do anything wrong. Unfortunately I am not allowed to approve posts with links. David has requested we leave those for him to approve, he wants to be the only one approving those posts. Sorry, I hope he logs-on soon.
    Laurie, thanks, those are my three sisters. From the left, Debby, Marcy and Donna. If you go to my album ""a few pics of me and my family" you can see my wife Beth.
    Hi Laurie, thanks. I agree that it was a pain and more complicated than it needed to be but it would have been worth it if ALSGA would have won some money to help support us. I guess we need to start earlier next year and get more people involved but there is the problem, if it is too complicated (as this was) then people aren't going to do it. Depressing that Horror Theatre can get more votes though and tells you something about priorities. But enough of that, onwards and upwards and floss every day! Hugs to you
    Good Morning Laurie!
    How are things in Florida? I was wondering how you and your friend with ALS are doing. Keep us posted on things.
    Take care.
    Love and hugs!
    Thank you Laurie for your welcome. Yes Wasilla does exist and that is where I live. It is beautiful here even though its not huge, that is part of the appeal. We have a Walmart, Sears, Target, Lowles, Home Depot, a couple major grocery chains and at least a dozen popular fast food restruants and a handful of national chain restruants. So we have all that other big cities have...just in smaller scale.
    Thanks, Laurie. Actually, I'm only a "senior member" (hmmm, don't like the sound of that!LOL)!
    We're fine here; hope you & your PALS are doing well. Marianne
    You are mighty welcome!!! Oh its like 90 degrees there, and we are having 50 degree temps here, I had to actually turn our fireplace on!! Its May?!!! Hugs, Kari
    Hi Laurie ............I am sorry so long to write back ! Yes , I am on facebook ! Catherine Ellis How is everyone doing your way? Have you been able to get any help at all from ALS association? How is you friend holding up? I am free to chat whenever so just contact me...........privately please............thanks, Cate
    Girl, you actually live on one of those little islands off the coast?! I am so jealous!!!!! I want to live there sooooooooo bad!!! Well, the Cook Islands are another place I wouldn't mind living either. Been all over the world, and I just love Florida. I love the weather, the storms, the water...well less the shark issues...hahaha You are a lucky girl you!!!!! Hugs, Kari
    Hat was SAlly, who was 16 when I lost her a couple of months back. I miss her. She was just so GOOD
    HUgs right back
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