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  • Hi, if M goes to hospice try to stay clear from 'night sedation'. It is heavy duty and I doubt L would have made it out last year had I not put a stop
    to it after two nights. D
    Hi. Yes we are with Pulse. We waited for 6 weeks before they had staff in place. Changed a few carers. We have 2 good carers but need the third one and they have been struggling to recruit for 1 year! If I was doing it again I would insist on a local agency that provides complex care / Pulse offices are in Manchester. D
    Thank you. Hope all is well and you managed to enjoy some aspects of festivities. We are getting through, somehow. X D
    Hi ang,so good to hear from you.......we should really be in touch more ofton....new years resolution lol.
    How are you? how's your husband doing?
    Who is that adorable kitty,is it yours?....just adorable.
    Wishing you all the best to you and your family (((hugs)))caroline.
    Hello. Sorry to hear your time is tough too. When was the peg fitted? L can still eat everything (e.g. fried breakfast) but has one PEG feed per day, when he is resting. He too is on the bipap almost 24/7. He takes short breaks, to give his face a break, for toilet, shower and good night kiss with Stan. Did you come to Bolton hospice? Day do day patient, so he could go there one morning per week to give you a break. Must be tough not having carers, I can just imagine. But having people in your house all the time is a nightmare too Ang. Dani
    hi both......looking forward to the england game tomorrow.....question mark,,,,cant do marks on this keyboard cos its jap.......think we will find out if were any good tomorrow....am good and i hope mick is even better and even more important ang ..that you r even better cos carers do such important work...am rambling now...old age....god bless johnny
    Thanks for stopping by. Just doing what we can...stealing little moments of privacy... Hope you are ok. Dani
    Hello. Thanks, we are ok, just 'invaded' by carers at the moment. Stan had chickenpox so off nursery for over a week. D
    dreadful to hear about scouse....people i feel i know are passing on here....am not sure i can take the reality.............stay as good as u can mick and ang...loves to u...johnny
    Hi Ang, Just wanted to say Hi from chilly Somerset. I hope all is well with you and Mick. I see you on the MNDA forum as well. I find this site very informative and positive and tend to get a lot more answers here than in the UK. Beastly disease - all can be calm one day and chaos the next. Nice to know we arn't alone.
    hi ang,good to hear from you.
    i hope you and mick are ok,well as ok as you can be.
    not seen anything from scouse for a while sorry,i hope she is ok and just busy or something.
    wishing you a happy holidays and newyear. xxxcaroline.
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