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  • PART 4
    My question is the following does this sound remotely familiar to what you have experienced with ALS? Did your husband start excessive burping prior to his diagnosis? Did your husband have other symptoms that he had before his diagnosis?

    Again I really hope, I am not offending you in anyway. This is not my intention at all. I am a young parent that felt these symptoms and I am just scared. I hope you can help. Thank you and god bless
    Part 3

    I don't feel any weakness and to my knowledge I do not feel any problems in my swallowing and I have not slurred any words, (that I know off) I essentially talk for a living, so I am sure someone would have pointed it out by now.

    Again my deepest sentiments go out to you and your entire family, I am sorry for reaching out and asking such a strange question, but this fear is so devastating that I don't know what else to do.

    I did go to my Dr. and they didn't seem worried, didn't order any other test or anything else. They say that due to my age and the lack of other symptoms ALS is very unlikely. But they did not test anything! no reflexes no blood work nothing. They just said that it is stress. I want to believe them, but given that they just said that without running tests makes me feel uneasy.
    Part 2
    However, last month I felt another twitch in my left triceps. And I went downhill again! Last month I also felt my left arm tingling and going numb. Then last week I experienced some twitching in both my left and right calf's and quads (mostly my left leg). Lastly, I have been burping a lot! like a lot maybe 50 times a day or something like that.
    Hello Michelle.

    First of all let me start of by saying that I am very sorry about your husbands diagnosis. I wish that NO ONE EVER was affected by ALS.

    I ran into one of your post about "excessive burping" and wanted to ask you a question. I am 29 years old and recently had some symptoms that can be attributed to stress and anxiety, but perhaps also ALS. Needless to say that I am terrified and in search for some advice.

    I started with a eye twitching 5 months ago (first my left eye and then my right eye), went away in a couple days. I googled what twitches can mean and BOOM! ALS pooped out! Since then, I have become a nerve wreck. For the most part I ignored it and stayed off the internet.
    Hi Michelle. I saw you post about spending the day at the VA and not getting anywhere. Are you talking about getting your husband enrolled, or were you at the hospital? We've had wonderful experience with the VA, but fortunately for us my husband was already in the system and the VA diagnosed him. The PVA is an enormous help for PALS, so I hope you have a rep. BTW, I love to sew also, but havent really done any since Matt's diagnosis. I was in my sewing room, completely oblivous, when he went to the neurology appt by himself and got the diagnosis. I'm also having back problems that leave me hurting if I set very long. Maybe I need to put the machine on a tall table and stand! Becky
    Hi Michelle - can you update your profile as it confused me today as I had to spend time backtracking to work out how to reply. I believe your husband is now diagnosed? So that makes you a caretaker of someone with ALS? If you add the diagnosis date at the same time it makes an incredible difference when reading a post and getting ready to answer it. thanks Tillie
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