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  • Miss you Michael, just read a post where you were worried about our friend Di in Hawaii...I'm sure you're an angel looking out for us all now.
    Missing you Michael my friend...hold us in your prayers as we make our way to heaven.
    Michael, you will be missed and I hope that you realized how much you helped me on a personal level and how much I miss you!
    Michael, I miss you so much, but I know you are with Jesus and probably hanging out with Annie...I know you will lift us up and pray for courage for us...you climbed the ALS mountain, I know you have my back, brother.
    Fly with the angels Michael, you will be remembered. A loving father a loving husband and a courageous fighter
    How are you? Did I hear that you are sick with pneumonia and not doing so hot???
    Praying for you and hoping for a quick recovery if thats the case.
    Love ya!
    Scratch that "no such thing as luck" because there is. But that kicker was phenomenal! And Tebow inspirational. And the blocking in the fourth was amazing. Now Marion Barber's faux pas was all God. God opens doors for us to succeed. It's up to us to make it happen. But yes, it's okay to blow the trumpets in His name!
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