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  • Burning mouth. Twitching right side. Twitching tongue. Noticeable hand, leg, size difference. Twitching face. Weakness in my arm, and leg. I'm calm. Just when the Symptoms come on its very frightening. Monday is the day to find out more from my specialist. I've racked my brain to think what else it could be. Yes and I have vib
    I've had my mri all seems clear on that front. Still struggling with the twitches and pains in the muscles. Just jumpy all over. I seem to be having buzzing or vibrations in my legs and Stomach, arms. Very worried. Can nerve compression cause muscle deterioration?
    Guys sorry that I've come into this forum with little knowledge and sound desk like I'm grasping at straws. I am! I'm in some real trouble. No idea what's wrong with me. My heart and soul go out to you all. I am certainly far from being diagnosed with anything. As you know. I apologise for any inconvenience I may have caused i really wish you all the best and pray for you all. Michael..
    Vibration is not ALS Michael. Likely a pinched nerve. Hate to say that because I am not a doctor, but you seriously gotta stop this. People answer your posts...but some type without the benefits of working fingers. It's a labour of love, and you ought not abuse it. YOU DO NOT HAVE ALS. Can you hear me now?
    michael, you are not bothering me. You need to get over yourself. I say this in politeness, but I know it sounds rude. You're in the wrong arena. Wright, our forum expert, took the time to tell you this. I hope you heed his words, as well as the collective advice folks here have given you. Please do not belabour the point as you will exhaust our patience.
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