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  • In other words monster has no diagnosis, each of those 3 terms are umbrella terms saying well something is a bit strange but can't be diagnosed as anything... Tillie
    All the Als specialist, 3 total, all told me no Als. Not even in the beginning stages. Then In 2013? I was told UMN syndrome but it won't progress. My symptoms started, very mild, in 2006. I am now showing slight atrophy, my hometown neurologist acknowledges, but the Als specialist doesnt. So I have been told BFS, dysautonomia, and UMN syndrome.

    I just read your lastest post. Everyone is different with our symptoms, but I can relate to some of what you are going through. If you want, read some of my pervious post/threads. I also have been told by 3 Als specialist, I do not have Als. Good luck to you on Friday.
    Hi there

    Thanks for reading my posts. I have been closely followed by an experienced neurologist but I am in the undiagnosed category. All the symptoms as described in my previous posts continue with an ever so slightly increased fatigue with exercise and trembling/stiffness after moderate exercise/effort. I have not figured out what to do to get better but at the same time I also decided to leave this site as I was getting more anxious than anything from reading very similar posts to mine....some of which pointed to als after many years... Thanks, Matt
    No one did an EMG until we finally saw a neurologist! Because his started with swallowing difficulties, he was treated for everything from acid reflux to neck therapy, etc. even flew out to Johns Hopkins to see an ear, nose, throat doctor and he noted fascicullations and suggested a neurologist! The EMG was the definitive diagnosis (although we then did fly to Mayo for a second opinion, as our neurologist suggested! ).
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