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  • Sorry, didn't see these messages before. I'm sorry to hear of your condition. I can't imagine what it is like.

    My wife's mother tried to invoke the right to die with her ALS, however, the progression was so fast, the paperwork wasn't done before she passed. I know my wife agrees about the law, however, I don't know what her personal thoughts are towards it. While we have good days, we're trying to live as normal as possible and don't talk about it much. She's almost fell once when her leg gave out and then the other day it happened again and she didn't catch herself this time. Even these little things are hard for both of us to cope with. The fact this morning I saw a collapseable cane in her purse as I left for work puts me back into the reality of what's happening to her...
    The amount of needling is in the hands of the experts, so dont you worry. They do do multiple points in each muscle, using the same needle stick. They withdraw it slightly ( while still in the me\uscle and move it to another part of the muscle, saves hundreds of holes ;) , on holiday so gotta run
    Urinary issues and presentation with MS is extremely common. Sometimes people present with only urinary issues and therefore seem to have a hellish time getting diagnosed.
    so sorry you are suffering so with this. I know its frustrating to go through all this and not get immediate answers, but sometimes the longer you go without a diagnosis the better your prognosis. It comes to a point that after you have done all the tests and if they are still scratching their heads, then you need to learn to accept where you are at and make the best out of your life from that point on.Especially if you have young children.
    You do not want them to remember that you were always worried about your health. I know from experience on that one. They can tend to become hypochondriacs that way.That is just my opinion to what I have found with my 4 children.
    It has been 20 years and tons of tests and other diagnosises that were not what it was and they are still scratching their heads. So hang in there and live life to the fullest regardless of any conditions. Take care!~Joyce
    HI Not sure if the other went through. Yes it's possible for many conditions to cause the twitching you're experiencing. And, yes, I was told an MRI was "fine" when the report showed multiple levels with ruptures and spinal stenosis--ALWAYS read your own reports :)
    thank you for your patience and answering these questions.
    I have an apt in 10 days in an als/mnd center and was wondering what a complete neurological/neuromuscular exam consists of?
    I know that you can't say for certain what is going on, but from being on this board, what are other diseases/conditions that could cause my symptoms with the EMGS being what they were? If you don't feel comfortable answering that, it's ok, just let me know.

    There is something I'm wondering about, is why did they perform the EMG on left side (arm/leg) or right ride(arm/leg), this was my case. Since each of these sides was done by a different neurologist, would that be an incomplete picture, not being able to compare both arms and both legs? or would the EMG on one side of body give enough info in the EMG if there was something happening?
    Reinnervation will show-up a few months after it has taken place. Denervation will take a few weeks. By the time you detected your weakness, the denervating process would have been well on its way, so your EMG was not done too early, if that is what you are trying to say. The reinnervation that is picked-up on an EMG will never go away but the denervation will as soon as reinnervation has taken place. With ALS, the denervation is ongoing so it will always show-up on the EMG. Your EMG's are not the EMG's of someone with ALS, no matter what fairytales you are reading on the internet.
    That story was relayed from lay person to lay person. I don't know the details, so I'm not going to put much faith in its accuracy.
    Twitching can be caused by a gazillion different things. Twitching can occur with denervation, reinnervation, irritation of a nerve, elevated levels of stress hormones, stress to a nerve, etc., etc.
    Twitching with stiffness can happen with a gazillion conditions. You have fixated on ALS because of your ALS searches on the internet. The internet is not a reliable place for medical information . . . I assure you. Search "neuropathy" and the internet will come-up with maybe a dozen different kinds. There are hundreds but you won't find them on the internet.
    Clinical exams are very accurate if done by a competent physician.
    I gave you something to hold on to . . . clean EMG with "weakness" means the weakness is not due to lower motor neuron dysfunction. It's just that simple . . . believe me.
    If you have weakness and a clean EMG, that weakness is not caused by lower motor neuron dysfunction; it is caused by something else. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for you to get another EMG (it would be a waste of time and money). It's as simple as that. The EMG detects dysfunction well in advance of you knowing there is anything wrong . . . I assure you. To answer your other question: Yes, it does matter what muscle is needled but the muscles needled are based on the clinical exam and the history of the patient, so I am sure the right muscles were needled in your case. Your last question asks if you can needle the jaw and neck, etc. Yes, you can.
    I remember posting to your thread. Right now you have to be patient and hopeful that all will be fine. Sometimes it simply takes time. Hang in there.
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